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5 Effective Product Discovery Checklist

Are you looking for an effective product discovery checklist nowadays? You’re on the right page since we will discuss 5 of them as well as the value of each checklist. So, let’s begin. 

What is a Product Discovery Checklist?

A Product Discovery Checklist is a list of questions that you need to ask before you start the actual product discovery process of creating an innovative product. Product discovery is the process of creating innovative products or services that can give your business a competitive edge over your competitors.

Moreover, product discovery is the process of taking a problem or a pain point and then finding a solution or product that can solve this problem or pain point. Product discovery has three steps which are:

Step 1: Problem Analysis. 

In this step, you need to determine if there’s a problem in the market that needs to be solved or addressed by your business. You also need to find out if there is a need for your business to do something about this problem. If you find out that there’s a problem, then you will move on to step 2. If there isn’t, then you will move on to step 3.

Step 2: Idea Generation. 

In this step, you will have to create as many solutions for this problem as possible, which can be an idea or a solution for this problem. The more ideas that you have, the better it is for you and your business since it gives you options and flexibility to choose from the best one(s) depending on the market situation later on.

Step 3: Business Model Development. 

In this step, you will have to develop a business model for your idea/solution(s) so that it can be used as part of your company’s future products and services.

Product Discovery Checklist Questions

Here are 5 questions that we think should be included in every effective product discovery checklist:

1. What is the problem that you want to solve?

This is the first question that you need to ask in your checklist before moving on to the next questions. The reason why we ask this question is that we need to determine if there’s a problem in the market that needs to be addressed.

2. What are all the solutions that you can think of for this problem?

This is another important question that should be included in your product discovery checklist. It helps you determine if there are other solutions for this problem aside from yours. This also allows you to find out what other people are thinking on how they can solve this problem as well.

3. What are some of the potential benefits of having each of these solutions?

This question will help you determine if each of these solutions will be beneficial to your business or not. It also allows you to discover some potential benefits that each solution has which can make them more attractive or appealing which will make them more successful in the long run. It’s always better if you know what some of the potential benefits are for each solution since it helps you decide which is the best one(s) for your business or not based on these potential benefits later on. 

4. Are there any potential problems that may get in the way of implementing each of these solutions?

This is another question that you need to ask yourself. The reason why we want to know if there are any potential problems is that we want to try and avoid these problems. Since it will make our product discovery process more successful. This means that we will be able to put more focus on the solutions that can be implemented successfully instead of working on solutions that may have potential problems which result in them not being implemented afterward. 

5. How can you solve each of these potential problems? 

This question can help you develop ideas on how you can solve each of these potential problems. It also allows you to determine if these solutions are realistic or not. You may find out that you can solve these problems in a variety of different ways which will give you more options to choose from when implementing your product discovery process.

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