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Product Discovery Training – Definition and Value

What does product discovery training mean? What is it important to attend this kind of training? Take some knowledge from this article. So, read on and learn more. 

What Does Product Discovery Training Mean?

It is a process of product design or prototyping, where everyone involved in the process (designers, developers, marketers) decide on the best possible solution for the problem. Product discovery training is an important part of lean startup methodologies for startups and small businesses.

Why Do You Need Product Discovery Training?

It helps you to find out what to build or not to build (by validating your assumptions, user feedback). If you don’t know what it is that your users want, then you could waste your time by building something that nobody wants.

The value of this training is in providing you with a framework for testing your ideas with real users before you spend too much time and money building something nobody wants.

How Does Product Discovery Training Work?

It can be done alone or with your team over several steps:

1. Build the product

2. Show it to customers

3. Learn from their feedback and iterate until you have something people want

The result of product discovery training can be a new product or service that people want or a better understanding of how to deliver the ones they already have. It is important to learn how to do it right in order not to waste time and money on unnecessary design iterations. It’s also important because you can build much more valuable products when you are aware of what people need.

Things You Need To Know About This Training

Product discovery training doesn’t necessarily mean coding or writing software code, but it will give you the necessary knowledge about how to create successful products by making them desirable for users instead of promoting features that aren’t wanted at all.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in this process:

• Listening is more important than talking.

During this process, listening and learning about customer problems and their needs is more important than promoting your product idea;

• Work with real people, not just friends or family.

This is the right way to get real responses from your target audience. It’s something you could do over the internet with tools like;

• Don’t build in the wrong direction.

It’s important to know in advance if your product direction is right or wrong. If it’s wrong, then you need to change direction at once;

• You can’t test everything at once.

You should be able to identify the most important things to test in your product discovery process – these are usually your assumptions about what is most important for your users;

• Don’t make assumptions about how people will use your product;

You can check if your assumptions are correct by conducting usability tests or interviews with real users;

• Seek out negative information.

Any information you get about what is wrong with your idea, product, or service will help you improve it and avoid making mistakes during final execution;

To Conclude

It’s a good idea to read more about product discovery training if you want to know how to improve your product design and avoid wasting your time and money on non-profitable projects. You can find more useful info by searching for “lean startup” on Google.

In the modern world, there is a great amount of information about how to create a perfect product. So, you need to learn how to do it right. 

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